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There is remarkably little literature about the Dingo or the Ferret. These are sources that I know of:

Ferret FV701 site is excellent. See the Manuals section on this site.

The classic book on the Daimler Ferret is by Pat Ware Ferret The FV700 Series in British Army Service Warehouse Publications, ISBN = 978-095255-630-5

Pat Ware (1995) In National Service: Rolls-Royce ‘B Series’ Engine in British Military Vehicles Warehouse Publications, ISBN = 978-095255-630-5

Ogorkiewicz, Richard M. (1972) AFV Profiles 44 Ferrets and Fox, Profile Publications Ltd.

Peter Gudgin Ferret Scout Car maybe this is also ISO File 4 by John Paster

David R Haugh Daimler “Ferret” Scout car – Armoured/Wheeled Fighting vehicle data No.2

Colin MacGregor Stevens (2009) The Ferret scout car in Canadian Service Service Publications ISBN = 978189458-155-4

Simon Dunstan (1984) British Army Fighting Vehicles 1945 – present Tanks Illustrated No. 12 – Arms & Armour Press ISBN = 0-85368-669-6

Duncan Crow & Robert J Icks (1976) Encyclopedia of Armoured Cars Book Sales Inc. ISBN = 978-089009-058-9

Brian T White (1983) Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Service Littlehampton Book Services Ltd ISBN = 978-0713710229

Bob Morrison (2009) Operation Granby: Desert Rats Armor and Transport in the Gulf War (Firepower pictorial specials 2000 series) ISBN = 978-962361-902-8

Browne, K & Koran, F (2013) Ferret Scout Cars in detail WWP Books, Prague. ISBN-13 = 978-80-86416-12-8 Buy it from the publisher or Paul Meekins Books. Here is a review of the book. It is primarily aimed at modellers. Most of the photographs came from those Ferrets present at War & Peace, the Hop Farm, Beltring. If you know which one, you’ll even see a picture of my brother’s Mk2/3!

Daimler Ferret scout car Mk 1 & Mk 2 marketing brochure (from FV701 site, above & James McNeely)

There are lots of clips about the Ferret and related armoured vehicles on YouTube. Like everything else, you’ll find the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright insane. For starters, try these three examples:

There are several articles about the Ferret, the Dingo and related vehicles in Classic Military Vehicle and Military Machines International magazines:

  • Classic Military Vehicle March 2017 – Dingo restoration
  • Classic Military Vehicle March 2016 – Buying a Ferret
  • Classic Military Vehicle February 2015 by David Fletcher- Ferret Mk 4
  • Classic Military Vehicle November 2014 by Pat Ware – Dingo
  • Military Machines International March 2013 by Geoff Fletcher – Ferret
  • Classic Military Vehicle August 2012 by John Blackman – Daimler armoured car
  • Classic Military Vehicle February 2012 by Pat Ware – Fox
  • Classic Military Vehicle April 2011 by John Blackman – Dingo
  • Classic Military Vehicle November 2010 by John Blackman – Ferret
  • Classic Military Vehicle October 2010 by Geoff Fletcher – Ferret
  • Classic Military Vehicle November 2009 by John Blackman – Fox
  • Classic Military Vehicle December 2008 by David Fletcher – Ferret Mk 1
  • Military Machines International November 2008 by Ian Young – Humber scout car
  • Classic Military Vehicle February 2006 by Pat Ware – Humber scout car
  • Classic Military Vehicle July 2004 by Pat Ware – Fox
  • Classic Military Vehicle May 2004 by Pat Ware – Dingo
  • Military Machines International April 2003 by John Wood – Ferret Mk 2/3 restoration
  • Classic Military Vehicle December 2002 by Pat Ware – Ferret Mk 2
  • Military Machines International June 2001 (part 1) & July 2001 (part 2) by James Redman – Ferret buying
  • Top Gear BBC Magazine July 1997 – Ferreting about; buying an armoured car
  • Practical Classics July 1993 by Brian Cox & Peter Simpson – Ferret Mk 2/3

Not specifically about the Daimler Ferret, but four books giving an over-arching perspective on tanks and warfare:

  1. Searle, A (2017) Armoured Warfare: A Military, Political and Global History published by Bloomsbury Academic, London. ISBN-13 = 978-1441142504   See here for an on-line interview about the book.
  2. Willey, D & Hudson, I (2017) The Tank Book published by The Tank Museum with Dorling Kindersley ISBN = 978-0-2412-5031-0
  3. Ogorkiewicz, R (2015) Tanks: 100 years of evolution Osprey Publishing, Oxford. ISBN-13 = 978-1472806703
  4. Forety, G & Livesey, J (2006) The World Encyclopedia of Tanks Lorenz Books, London. ISBN = 978-0-7548-1741-3
G030 Ferret Scout Cars

The Ferret Scout Car in detail – Kevin Browne & František Kořán (2012) ISBN = 978-80-87509-12-8